Easy Video Editing for YouTube

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Learn how to edit your YouTube videos in under 30 minutes!

If the thought of editing your YouTube video is holding you back from starting a YouTube channel, then this video is for you. I walk you through the exact process I used to do when editing my own videos for YouTube

If an editor isn't in the budget - that's okay! This training will teach you how to get started on your own!  


This Video Editing Traning Includes:

👉🏾 How to import your media into your video editing platform

👉🏾  How to remove mistakes you make while filming

👉🏾 How to use your audio to easily find mistakes

👉🏾  How to create the popular zoom in effect 

👉🏾 How to easily add titles and overlays into your video


This Training is Perfect for:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Service-Based Experts
  • Speakers
  • Personal Brands