YouTube SEO Training

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The YouTube SEO training is a tutorial on how to properly optimize your YouTube videos so they will RANK on YouTube and Google Search. This YouTube SEO course for beginners helps learn how to perform technical SEO confidently on each of your YouTube videos.

What You'll learn in the training:

👉🏾  How YouTube SEO determines how your video ranks

👉🏾 How to create RANKABLE YouTube video titles

👉🏾 How to choose the right tags for your videos

👉🏾  How to write a RANKABLE YouTube description

👉🏾 How to optimize your video during the upload process

👉🏾 What to do when your keyword has a 0 search volume

This Training is Perfect for:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Service-Based Experts
  • Speakers
  • Personal Brands

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