YouTube Scripting + Filming Training

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Learn how to easily and quickly script and film YouTube videos without it taking your entire day

You only have 30 seconds to convince viewers that your YouTube video is worth watching.⁠ You saying “hi guys, welcome to my channel blah blah blah” is doing nothing for you.⁠ In this YouTube scripting raining, I'm going to show you how to outline/script your YouTube video in 15 minutes.

I'm able to film my videos in less than 30 minutes and in the filming training, I'm going to walk you through my very own process.

What's Included:

👉🏾 My 3-step framework for starting your YouTube videos

👉🏾 The components of a highly engaging and converting video

👉🏾 My script template so you never feel like you're starting from scratch

👉🏾 How to prepare your space for filming 

👉🏾 How to soundproof your filming area

👉🏾 How to remove the stress and anxiety of filming

👉🏾 How to show up on camera with confidence even if you're not feeling like it