YouTube Marketing Intensive

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An intimate session to build the roadmap to a more easeful marketing strategy

For the leader who’s craving a strategic low-lift approach to their YouTube and content marketing strategy. Let's map out your action plan together.

Making marketing only 10% of focus is 100% possible when you have the right strategy to increase the visibility and the perfect systems in place to make it low-lift. 

✨My clients love working with me because I make their results feel like magic when it's really just strategy.


Imagine if you knew:

  • How to leverage your core platform in a way that allows you to do more, but work less
  • The gaps in your current strategy that were preventing you from doubling or tripling the amount of people that enter your funnel 
  • The uncovered opportunities you have in your marketing systems that can help you or your team be on the same page with a clear process
  • What processes you need to implement for yourself that will help you focus on the marketing activities that really move the needle

Let’s look at your strategy + systems together to uncover your marketing holes and missed opportunities so you can see what’s truly needed to make your marketing more low-lift than it has ever been.

You’re in the right place if you’re seeking:
  • The first step to creating a low-lift marketing or YouTube strategy that’s specific to your needs and energy levels
  • Advice that will put you on the path to sustainable marketing. No more quick-hit marketing tactics.
  • More time to focus on other things besides marketing like building new relationships and doing other revenue-generating activities.
  • To spend more time in your zone of genius and show up online only when it feels good
By the end of our 90-minute session, you’ll have an actionable gameplan for your YouTube channel and content marketing strategy.