YouTube Content Planning Hub (ClickUp)

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Keep your YouTube content planning and processes in one place with the YouTube content planning hub. I used to use Google Drive to help organize my YouTube content processes and it just seemed like organized chaos. I had too many folders, too many google docs, and too many excel sheets 🥴

This YouTube planning hub allows you to keep everything in one organized location.

Here's what you're able to do:

👉🏾  Have one place to store all your YouTube channel information. Great for team collaboration

👉🏾 YouTube Channel Launch Checklist

👉🏾 Keep track of all your youtube video ideas

👉🏾 Manage your entire YouTube Strategy process (Brainstorming, Keyword research, scripting, editing, YouTube SEO, scheduling, etc.)


This Template Includes:

  • YouTube Channel launch Checklist 
  • Video Ideas Tracker
  • YouTube Strategy + SEO Database
  • YouTube Project Management Workflow with Dependencies 
  • Filming Calendar
  • Publishing Calendar 


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